about fred

Animals always spoke to him; they were so kind and non-judgmental. He decided early on to give human characteristics to them and even to inanimate things such as spoons, bowls and even the popcorn machine.
Thumper the bunny in Bambi was his favorite cartoon character. Quote,“if you can’t say something nice don’t say nothing at all.”

What are his mediums?  He uses the best 100% natural materials available.

Printmaker’s paper

French RIVES BFK ,280 gram 100% cotton

Sculpture clay

High fire Raku clay from crushed granite. Vitrified with celadon 1234 glaze. Never any molds, all by hand and unique.


Acrylic water based paint Golden/Liquitex

Fred and Virginia, his lovely supportive wife of 35 years, reside in beautiful Napa Valley. They have two adult children: Kelley an altruistic social worker, and Casey a college student at nearby Sonoma State. The two models are the family’s lively golden retrievers Jackson and Mac. Rounding out the pet population are about fifty-four fish in a Harmony Pond.

Fred teaches and demonstrates part time and is available for local workshops in printmaking, sculpture and cartoon techniques.